Graspop Metal Meeting 2012 Day I

As always we missed the first band (or rather person) we had planned on seeing, which was Slash, and we were right on time to hear the last song of the Paradise Lost set.

After this slightly depressing start we went on to catch Sabaton on the main stage. I am usually rather put off by the way they market themselves, but they were actually entertaining and their singer Joakim Brodén seemed like a nice guy. He admitted that he was extremely nervous before the show and very relieved to see so many people in front of the stage. He also made fun of the name Graspop. He said “Gras I get, but Pop?!” I guess he had a point there! There’s a snippet of their show in my “Day 1” video, which you can see below. If you are interested in the band, I suggest you start off with the song ‘Primo Victoria’ from their debut album. You can find it on Youtube.

After a quick glance at Florida death metal veterans Obituary, we were ready for what turned out to be my favorite show of the day – Amon Amarth! I need to get my hands on their albums ASAP! These guys are riding the Viking train hard, but it’s completely convincing! Their singer Johan Hegg actually had a drinking horn strapped to his hip. I was very impressed not only by their music, but also their pyro and light show, as you can see in my pictures:

Cannibal Corpse were next on the menu and George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher challenged us to keep up with his headbanging. He said “You can try, but you won’t succeed!” The man was right – and he has a gigantic neck!

Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe called Graspop his “favorite festival of the European mainland”. Their show featured a guest appearance by Obituary drummer Donald Tardy on the song ‘Redneck’, during which they also attempted the biggest circle pit of the night, comprising about one third of a 50.000 people tent! Here’s a video of it:


Randy also encouraged the audience to raise their middle fingers, which he said is “a friendly greeting at a lamb of god show”.

When I saw the guy on the right I thought: “Whoooaaa, they have Gandalf on stage!” :)

We finished off the Friday with Ozzy and friends, which luckily meant we got to see Slash after all, as well as Zakk Wylde. Ozzy was very enthusiastic, jumping up and down and clapping all the time. Part of his stage show was to hose down his audience several times, as well as himself accidentally. But he would have gotten wet anyways, because he emptied a huge bucket of water over his head – and don’t you think that it was a warm summer night, it was freaking cold! I’m really happy that I got a chance to see this legend live and I had the best time!

To wrap this up, here’s my video recap of Day I:

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