Graspop Metal Meeting 2012 Impressions

Hi guys! I’m starting off with some impressions from this year’s Graspop Metal Meeting, which took place in Dessel (BE) from June 22-24. We stayed all weekend and had a blast!!

This is my claw holding a couple of Graspop Tokens, which you need to buy food and drinks at the Festivalsite. It is forbidden to bring your own foodstuffs along, so your life sort of depends on these tokens. They are easily available through token stands and vending machines in exchange for cash or plastic.

If these babies weren’t so expensive, I’d have kept this as a souvenir.

Here’s a map of the festival ground. I’m going to walk you through.

As you can see, you enter through the Metal Plaza.

To your right is the Metal Dome, the white tent in this panoramic picture.

During the day it is the smallest venue for shows, at night is is the location of the after-show party.

They kicked off on Thursday with a THE BEST 100 METAL ALBUMS OF ALL TIMES bash, of which the guests got to determine the playlist in advance via online voting. You can see the top 100 list of 2011 here!

This is the metal dome during the Cannibal Corpse show.

“I’m Back, I’m Here, Give Me Some Fuckin’ Beer”… yeah, HAHA, can you imagine I was more interested in seeing George Corpsegrinder Fisher grind some corpses than in reading your funny sign?

Here he is, BTW.

So next to the Metal Dome there is the Joe Piler Saloon, where you can party and enjoy a cold Jupiler.

Lots of people also enjoy wearing the red stetsons they give away.

On Metal Plaza there were also bumper cars this year, as well as tons of food stands offering French fries, pasta, pizza, Mexican food, pita, waffles, ice cream, sandwiches, fruit etc. See the bumper car arena behind the solar phone charger (!).

We preferred eating in the restaurant tent, where you can sit down on ale-benches.

You can also sit under this roof outside the restaurant.

Note those dudes in boxers and raincoats, lol!

When you enter the actual Festivalsite, you have the Festival Fair and Metal Market to your left. Many big online stores sell their merchandise there. You can get anything from baby rompers to gas masks.

She’s a beauty!

We found Waldo!!!

On the left of the Festivalsite, there are further food stands, including the most important one – De Lachende Poffer!!! (I’d translate this to “The Smiling Mini Pancake” – I’d also try it if I were you!)


Making the Poffertjes!

Once again the large Coke area offered games and a soapy slide.

Further in the back there was the VIP, press and backstage area to be found.

In the middle of the Festivalsite you have the main stage obviously. Bars are conveniently located here as well.


Twisted Sister

Some people may have hit the bar a little too hard…

The two marquees are on the right. They can comprise 50.000 people each!

What happens in the marquee stays in the marquee… 😉

This year they also had a building crane which lifted people up to have a view of the entire area. I was going to do that to get some awesome aerial images for the blog. Sadly on Sunday the weather was like this:

I hope you all like my designer garbage bag skirt!

G’night Graspop!

2 thoughts on “Graspop Metal Meeting 2012 Impressions

  • August 4, 2012 at 4:08 am

    This is crazy! It looks like a theme park! I know we have festivals here, but the ones I have been to have only been 1 day long and small. I heard there was a good one in New Jersey but I only found out about it after it was over. I bet that it is smaller over here than it is over there.

  • August 4, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    A metal theme park! That actually sounds like a great idea! 😀
    GMM had 90.000 visitors this year.


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