Graspop Metal Meeting 2011 Day II

So, with a lot of delay, here’s my video of day 2 of the glorious Graspop Metal Meeting 2011!
I had a great time and I would definitely recommend Graspop to everybody!
Day 2 started for us with Lacuna Coil on the main stage… which meant in the rain.
But that was not really a big deal and they were totally worth it!

After that we were especially glad to see the amazing Blaas of Glory – you can watch a little piece of “Living on a Prayer” in the video! I loved them – and their leggings!

The next couple of hours were spent eating and drinking in the food-tent and right in time for Black Label Society (eye candy 😉 ) the rain stopped – so we could enjoy them outside on the main stage without getting soaked again!

After that we once again entered marquee 1 to see Moonspell, a band which I liked a lot when I was younger.
The show was great, but my neighbor was hit in the head by a hardplastic bottle and it caused a nice huge bump on his head. People kept throwing bottles and full beer glasses (what a waste!) into the crowd, so we left before the concert was over.
Of course I am ready to get a concussion any time, just not before seeing Arch Enemy, you know?
When we came back outside, we saw on the big screen that the headliner Ozzy Osbourne had cancelled his appearance because of a laryngitis. They must have known longer than that though, because they had brought in a Belgian band whose name I forgot as a replacement. Also Judas Priest had been bumped up to the headlining slot and they had announced they would play a 120 minute set!! They are fucking heroes! :)
Arch Enemy was way awesome as always, though I was a bit annoyed by Angela’s comment:”I want to see some broken bones!”
I must reply:”I want to see your face when someone gets hurt so bad during your show that he/she is left in a wheelchair for life like it happened during a Cradle show just two or three years ago!”
Well, what ever!
After Arch Enemy, we saw Whitesnake on the main stage and I must say they are not really my taste.
Cradle of Filth however are very much my taste and so we watched their show next – it was amazing. Apparently the girl in the front row who flashed Dani agrees with me! 😉

But the highlight of the night was definitely Judas Priest – they are so awesome it’s ridiculous!
It was as if they were saying to all the other bands: “Yeah, that was nice kids, but now let us show you how it’s done!” 😀

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