Graspop Metal Meeting 2011 Day I

I made a short video compilation of our first day at Graspop. Like I already told you we missed a couple of songs of the EPICA set, because the road signs were very confusing. So we could only stand in the far back of Marquee 1 and watch the rest. EPICA had prepared a special pyro show for Graspop, which was very cool. Sadly they only spoke Dutch, so I have no idea what the hell they were talking about.

After that we caught a glimpse of VOLBEAT, who were playing outside on the Mainstage. Then we went into the Metal Dome to watch Duff McKagan for a while, who as you may know was the bass player in Guns N’ Roses and now has his own band, “Duff McKagan’s Loaded”, in which he also sings. I like them.

Finally I got to see Iced Earth! I’ve been waiting for a chance to do so forever. Luckily they were still fronted by Matt Barlow! Not that I don’t want to see them with Stu Block, I am hoping to do so in December. It’s just that Barlow sings on my favorite albums and it would have sucked to never have seen him live. So, now I have and it’s all good. :) Apparently a lot of people felt the same way, since there were a lot of “Barlow” choirs. Hell, it was awesome! :) I just wish this freakshow couple had not been in front of me making out the entire time. I could not use some Iced Earth footage because it was more porn than music video, lol! Get a room!

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