EPICA & Sons of Seasons 10/15/2009

So last night I finally had a chance to see a concert again! :-)
It was supposed to be Amberian Dawn, Sons of Seasons and Epica, but Heidi was sick. Apparently she had almost no voice and so Amberian Dawn had to skip Karlsruhe. :-(
Therefore Sons of Seasons played two more songs than they normally would have.
In my opinion they sounded much better live than on their debut album “Gods of Vermin”. That’s because the voice of vocalist Henning Basse was more in the foreground last night. OMG he is so good!! Awesome!
Also I never realized how much hair Oliver Palotai has! 😀
Here is a tiny video we took! Sorry about the quality! We were unable to verify at the last minute whether it was allowed to take pictures so we only took the small old camera. Pics from MFVF will be 100000 times better! 😉

EPICA were fantastic as well! Simone’s singing was wonderful. I noticed that she uses much less of the classical techniques, especially in the new songs, which I dislike of course, but nonetheless her performance was flawless. All of the band did an amazing job and I think that Isaac fits in perfectly. They played 50 % old and 50% new songs. Surprisingly ‘Unleashed’ did not come up even though in a recent interview Simone said they will always play it from now on. 😀
Little surprises were ‘The Phantom Agony’ and the ‘Star Wars’ theme from ‘The Classical Conspiracy’. :) As you can see in the video and pics the ceiling at Substage is extremely low and almost no band member could resist touching it several times. Simone poked her finger in a hole of the ceiling and Coen pretended to do percussion on the ceiling. It was really funny. Oh by the way, Simone said that the Germans are the best haedbangers, so everybody try and catch up with us!! 😉

Sons of Seasons

Again Sons of Seasons – the pics are not great but you can see how low the ceiling is. :-)


Mark and Simone


Simone and Yves
Sorry Coen and Isaac, found no acceptable pic of you!
I’m off to Belgium! YAY!!! :-)