'…in Deviltry' interview

I conducted an eMail-interview with ‘…in Deviltry’.
Thanks again to the band for taking the time, I am very honored!

Ladies first. Larisse Katarine, of course I am very curious about your voice. I have tried to find samples online, but none of your former bands seem to have a Myspace page. Are there any samples online that I did not find, or could you describe your voice?

Larisse Katarine:
You are correct. There are no samples available of my voice, so I think that is why a lot of people is asking me if my voice is like Liv Kristine’s, but it’s not. Our voices and style are very different. My voice is very heavy and variable, I can sing very strong or soft, lyrical or mainstream, and I have been trying to explore it with …in Deviltry. So, unfortunately you need to wait a little bit more, to hear me singing, hehe.

Tommy, how do you like the Brazilian climate, it must be an extreme contrast to your home country of Norway!

The contrast is huge for sure, here we have like 31 degrees all year through where the sun is shining all day long. It’s funny how people get accustomed with time. For me personally it’s no secret that I adore contrasts, all my life has been and you can hear it in the music I write. There is a lot of contrasts in the atmosphere, sad, sweet, happy, angry and demonic. I often go to Norway and visit my family and friends there. I love it, but in the end I prefer to be warm than to freeze.

How did you go about composing the new songs?

Since the original members live so far away from each other, we work in a way that some people might think strangely about, but now we are very comfortable working this way.

I didn’t have a choice really. …in Deviltry started back in 2008 and have had two different lineup’s here in Brazil. The problem was for my part, especially here in the northeast of Brazil, dedication and responsibility. Coming late, forgetting rehearsals, lack of the will to promote the band, and the most important was remembering to play songs correctly. Seems I had a lot of bad luck, eh! Now there is a long distance between members, so we mainly use computers and our creativity to create the music. We work by sending each other ideas and parts, in the end I arrange them. Usually it’s like this: I make a riff or I get a keyboard-part from a member, add my guitars onto it, sending it back for adding drums and bass. Then we got a raw idea of the song and ready to add the vocals. The final process is to polish the raw audio, and there you go.

What are the songs about?

This is a question for our two vocalists, so they will respond:

Larisse Katarine:
Our lyrics are about common feelings as pain, loss and melancholy. All this mixed with thoughts of sickness and sarcasm described in unusual situations.

Odd A:
The main theme of the lyrics are quite personal and maybe not as “storytelling” as Theatre of Tragedy’s early works. They touch on subjects that can be familiar to us all, the passing of dear friends, the corrosion of our soul as we grow into the grip of age, the unfathomable pit we dig ourselves into self-pity and the loss of love and the stains our mistakes set on everything that surrounds us. We hurt those we love the most, so you can say that the lyrics is a kind of cleansing process of all that comes inside perfectly with …in Deviltry’s music…

Do you already have any concrete plans for tours?
Our objective right now is to record our first presentation for you, our fans and record labels. We don’t really think of touring just yet. We are in the middle of a “writing material” process that doesn’t leave much time for thinking about these things just yet. Of course there has been some ideas of the subject, but for now we think it’s more important to concentrate on our music. Hehe we also need some music to play in shows.

For some reason Orkut is not very popular in Europe, but I have heard that it is used by many South Americans and that you have an ‘…in Deviltry’ page there. Do we Europeans miss out on a lot of information if we only read your web page?

Not at all, Orkut is a very powerful tool in South America. We use it as a way to keep a closer contact with fans. Our Orkut-page is maintained by Larisse in Portuguese and all the content there is taken from the www.indeviltry.com. The Orkut is not updated very often, nor all details are written, and usually there are some headlines that refers to the web-site. There are some Brazilian discussions going on, but if there should be an important “happening” it would be posted in English on the official site in the hour. The site is the first priority for telling everybody of what is going on with …in Deviltry.

A while ago you felt obliged to post a definition of the word ‘deviltry’ on your website. Apparently a lot of people interpreted the name as a connection to the devil. Do you have any particularly interesting anecdotes that lead to your post?

Hehe, well, …in Deviltry can be used in many way’s. Sometimes I discover some interesting things on the Internet like your blog for instance, forums and opinion’s about our interviews, even comments about News written about the band in different media. There was a time when a lot of people had the impression that …in Deviltry had to be connected to Satan and demons, some even criticized the name and commented: ahhh, It had to be something evil and satanic. Therefore I made a bulletin for the site explaining the real meaning of the word, and our interpretation which is a state of mind or cruel behaviour. Today we would probably just call it insanity or sickness. The old history explains “Deviltry” as if a person was extreme cruel or did things that the others could not explain in words to describe his illness, they would just call him for being in deviltry.

I understand that you have found some really good studio musicians. Are you reluctant to publish their names because you fear it might cause a new streak of bad luck?

The reason for not publish their names yet, is simple. As …in Deviltry have had various lineups in the past two years, we have chosen to wait announcing their names this time . All I can say is that we got two members from Europe and another one is from South America beside myself and Larisse. Their names will be published with the release of the EP this summer.

Any thoughts on the recent dissolution of Theatre of Tragedy?

Well, personally I think this was a sad announcement for all their fans, probably you as well Marleen. For my part Theatre of Tragedy died a long time ago after the release of Aegis. They changed the music drastically, lost some old fans but gained a lot of new ones. So I feel sorry for the new fans and may the older fans check out …in Deviltry, hehe.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions!

It was a pleasure to answer your interview for therockblog.de. We really appreciate all the interest in our band. To all our fans we would like to thank for all your support and look out for the release of our EP which will be available this summer. Please enter our profile on REVERBNATION to be updated about the band.
Tommy and Larisse Katarine